Pantone 2015 colors

Pantone 2015 colors

Roksanda Ilincic color block dress
$1,750 –

Plein Sud zip dress
$360 –

Go Silk silk top

Dorothy Perkins top
$45 –

The Row red pants
$1,095 –

Dondup short shorts
$115 –

High heel pumps

Leather jewelry

Kate spade earrings

Fall/Winter Chic

Fall/Winter Chic

Pale Autumn Featuring Shinola

Pale Autumn Featuring Shinola

Ash Rain Oak long sleeve top

Brown pants

Crossbody satchel
$16 –

Shinola dial watch

Bib statement necklace
$52 –

Markus Lupfer grey hat
$285 –

Witchery wayfarer glasses
$61 –

NYX lips makeup

Fall Colors and Metallic Blue

Fall Colors and Metallic Blue

Fall Colors and Metallic Blue

Fall Colors and Metallic Blue

Life’s a special occasion, be well dressed and juiced for it!

Organico Juice Bar & Cafe

This post is not typical of my blog but I felt the need to post it here so that all my followers know about the benefits of juicing and a documentary I’m working on. Feel free to donate to a fantastic cause that will benefit three families and people everyone (upon it’s release).Titled, “Jooseing” the film explores daily juicing and practicing Ayurvedic methods for weightless and optimal nutrition for your body.

Click HERE for details on the documentary and our IndieGoGo page.

Fashion is much more than beautifully made, expensive, designer products. It’s about finding a style that makes you feel good about yourself, using fashion to tell a story and inspire others, and doing good in your community. This documentary does just that.Although the documentary has nothing to do with fashion, fashion is not sustainable when we, “fashionistas”, simply purchase clothing; fashion starts on the inside, in the mind. We¬† choose, mentally, what to wear and how we want to present ourselves. If you’re going to flaunt yourself as a “Boho Chic” style, you should be able to back up causes that are important to you that are relevant to your fashion style.

Anyone who donates, and found it through my fashion blog, will be promoted to over 50 followers and subscribers. Not the “cats meow” but definitely worth your while. Plus, you can say you helped in the making of a film. :)

Patterns, Patterns, Patterns!

Patterns, Patterns, Patterns!

Burberry shirt

Mary Katrantzou jacket
$1,315 –

Balmain black pumps
$775 –

Valentino summer earrings